Wix Vs WordPress – Choosing the Right Platform for Your Website

Are you grappling with choosing between Wix vs WordPress to build your website? As the most popular website builder globally, WordPress faces stiff competition from platforms like Wix. In this comprehensive comparison, we’ll delve into the pros and cons of each, covering aspects like pricing, ease of use, design, plugins, blogging, eCommerce, and data portability. By the end, you’ll be better equipped to make an informed choice that aligns with your website needs.

Pricing and Costs:

Wix Pricing:

Wix offers a free primary website builder but comes with Wix-branded ads and limitations. Premium plans start at $27 per month to unlock features and remove ads. The Business plan, at $32 per month, is tailored for eCommerce.

WordPress Pricing: 

WordPress software is free, but you need your domain(extension com vs net) and hosting. Starting at $2.75 per month with providers like Bluehost, costs can rise with premium themes or plugins. WordPress gives you flexibility and control over your expenses.

WordPress edges ahead with its versatile plans and freedom to choose from various hosting providers.

Ease of Use:


Wix boasts a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, ideal for beginners. Its simplicity allows easy editing without delving into code.


WordPress offers the powerful Gutenberg block editor, providing a live preview for visually appealing layouts. While there’s a learning curve, WordPress caters to both beginners and those seeking advanced capabilities.

It’s a tie in ease of use; Wix excels with simplicity, while WordPress provides extended capabilities with a slight learning curve.

Design and Layout Of Wix vs WordPress:


With 900+ responsive templates, Wix caters to diverse needs. However, once you choose a template, switching is restricted.


WordPress boasts thousands of free and paid themes, offering unparalleled customization. Users can switch wordpress themes anytime, allowing for continuous evolution.

WordPress takes the lead with a vast theme library and the freedom to switch themes effortlessly.

Plugins and Apps:


Wix offers nearly 200 apps covering essential features, but the library is limited compared to WordPress.


With 59,000+ free plugins and countless premium options, WordPress excels in versatility. If you can envision a feature, there’s likely a plugin.

WordPress triumphs in the plugins and apps category, offering an extensive range of options.



Wix supports basic blogging features but lacks advanced functionalities like backdating and private posts. Commenting can be cumbersome.


As WordPress originated as a blogging platform, it outshines Wix with a native commenting system and advanced features.

WordPress is the clear winner for blogging, offering robust features and a user-friendly interface.



Wix offers eCommerce with paid plans, but the features are limited, and transaction fees can become substantial.


WordPress and WooCommerce provide a comprehensive eCommerce solution with flexibility and no additional transaction fees. They offer superior flexibility and choices for a robust online store.

Data Portability In Wix vs WordPress:


Wix provides limited data export options, making moving content to another platform challenging.


The WordPress facilitates easy content export with a one-click exporter, backups, and database export options, ensuring data portability. WordPress excels in data portability, providing more options for moving your content.

In the battle of Wix vs WordPress, the latter emerges as the superior web publishing platform. While Wix provides an easy-to-use website builder, WordPress offers unmatched versatility and long-term capabilities. The choice ultimately depends on your needs, but WordPress is the more robust and flexible for building a successful website.



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